Why Appearance Matters to Auto Dealership Customers

Why Appearance Matters to Auto Dealership Customers

When a customer walks into a car dealership, he or she is at least considering the possibility of spending a significant amount of money. A car is a large, long-term investment, so many customers are highly particular about what they want and with whom they will do business. They’re looking for indicators of quality and care.

Maintaining a pristine appearance in your auto dealership, from the lobby to the restrooms to the showroom floor, sends a message to customers that you are taking their investment seriously. A professional clean auto dealership communicates the same care and attention to detail that your business exemplifies.

But keeping an auto dealership looking immaculate is not easy. Auto dealerships are constantly battling a few key cleaning challenges:

Constant foot traffic.
With so many customers coming and going each day, keeping auto dealership floors looking clean is a challenge. In some climates, snow and road salt cling to people’s shoes all winter long, and the spring rain can bring water and mud. Even when the weather is warm and dry, there may be dust to contend with.

Tire marks.
When vehicles are moved on and off the showroom floor, they can scuff those gleaming surfaces. And while a mop can handle most dirt and debris, it may not be enough to scrub away a tire skid mark.

Most car dealerships have at least one wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. Others have glass desktops and countertops throughout the building. Keeping all that glass sparkling clean and free of fingerprints, smears, and streaks can be time-consuming.

Grease and oil.
It’s all too easy to track grease and oil from service bays to customer waiting areas. And that type of mess needs more than a quick wipe with a paper towel.

In addition to these unique challenges, auto dealerships must manage the same cleaning requirements of any other business: Bathrooms, waiting areas, offices, coffee stations, and countless other surfaces must be kept clean. If these areas start looking dirty, customers may notice—and take their business elsewhere.

The solution for a professional-looking auto dealership.

Staying on top of all that cleaning while balancing the other day-to-day needs of the business is extremely challenging. Hiring a professional is one of the best ways to ensure a consistently appealing look.

A commercial cleaning company can provide key services that are especially beneficial for car dealerships:

Day porter services.
Rather than waiting until closing time to tackle the day’s mess, a commercial cleaning day porter can stay on top of buildup throughout the day. They can wipe down surfaces, restock paper products, empty trash bins, and watch for other areas that need a touch-up.

Commercial floor cleaning and maintenance.
Professional cleaning services can improve the appearance and may help extend the life of high-traffic commercial floors. A commercial cleaning company may offer stripping, refinishing, spray buffing, high-speed burnishing, carpet cleaning, and other services to keep floors looking spotless.

Flexible scheduling.
Some days, you may need to stay open a little later while a customer finishes up paperwork or some other element of the sales process. A flexible commercial cleaning company will adjust with your needs. And if you’re extending your hours for a holiday sales event or other special occasion, you can easily modify your cleaning schedule too.

A locally owned and operated Vanguard® janitorial franchise business can provide these types of service options and more. A Vanguard® area franchise business representative will work with you to understand the needs of your auto dealership. He or she can tailor a schedule and custom commercial cleaning plan that suits your requirements, so you can make a confident investment in the appearance of your space.

You can learn more about auto dealership cleaning services provided by your local Vanguard® janitorial franchise business here: https://www.vanguardcleaning.com/facilities-served/car-dealerships/
or request a commercial cleaning services assessment, today: https://www.vanguardcleaning.com/free-cleaning-quote/

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