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Expand Your Commercial Cleaning Business

If finding a new source for quality, sustainable accounts is a challenge, look to a Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Janitorial Franchise for help.


Deep Cleaning Protocols on the Rise

The 2020 Pandemic has impacted most every industry. Read how the level of cleanliness in a work environment is being taken much more seriously now.


Differentiating Between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting

What options should be considered to meet the cleaning objectives of your facility? Learn the terms to help maintain the health of your employees and customers in the...


Healthier Workplace Cleaning

What are some processes to consider in order to help prevent Coronavirus in your workplace?


Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Frequently Asked Questions

The health and safety of you and your employees is a priority. There are many questions regarding the Coronavirus- COVID-19 disease. The following is some basic information to...

Franchise Business Information

National Franchise Appreciation Day

National Franchise Appreciation Day recognizes the business model, products, and services that franchises supply to their local community. What is a franchise? How can a franchise help you...

Franchise Business Information

Franchises by the Numbers

Franchise numbers for the global services market indicate a rise in the demand for janitorial cleaning services. Check out these franchise numbers and growth potential to own a...

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Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Colorado Opens

Cleaning franchise opportunities and professional office cleaning services are now available in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding area through Redstone Group, LLC an independently owned and operated Vanguard®...

Tips For A Healthy Office

Office Recycling Tips

Get your office started on office recycling program. Help the environment, and the community in which your business operates, by implementing these six simple recycling tips.

Franchise Business Information

Franchise Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Should you own a Franchise Business? This article addresses some top questions to help you determine if a franchise business is a right choice for you.