What to Look for When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Multi-Tenant Property

What to Look for When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Multi-Tenant Property

Property managers of multi-tenant buildings are busy, with many demands on their time and multiple tenants relying on them. Among their many obligations is to provide a professional appearance throughout the building and work to meet the cleaning needs of each tenant. A commercial cleaning company can be a valuable partner in achieving these goals and help earn the trust and approval of your tenants.

However, property managers may be particular about which commercial cleaning company they choose. The right commercial cleaning company will offer a few key services that can be incredibly beneficial for a multi-tenant property.

Here are three specific things to consider prioritizing when choosing a commercial cleaning company for your multi-tenant property:

Excellent communication with property managers and tenants.

Balancing the many needs, preferences, and requests of different tenants can be challenging, even overwhelming, for property managers. Balancing urgent needs with routine requests can be time-consuming, which is difficult for property managers with countless other tasks needing their attention.

A commercial cleaning company may be able to field and respond to tenant requests directly. By “cutting out the middleman,” the commercial cleaning company can save the property manager’s valuable time and deliver faster results, resulting in greater tenant satisfaction.

During the selection process, property managers might consider asking commercial cleaning companies to share a story that showcases their communication skills and discuss whether they can take over direct communication with tenants regarding cleaning services.

Flexible scheduling of commercial cleaning services.

Some multi-tenant buildings see very high foot traffic throughout the day, whereas others have much lower activity levels. Because each property is different, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to commercial cleaning services for multi-tenant buildings.

Property managers can ask prospective commercial cleaning companies about flexible scheduling and the different levels of service they offer, such as day porter services or after-hours cleaning. The right commercial cleaning company will be able to customize a schedule and service plan that meets the unique needs of the property.

Specialty commercial cleaning services.

Many multi-tenant properties may need specialty cleaning services periodically, such as commercial cleaning services for carpeting, high-end flooring, windows, and more.

Property managers may present commercial cleaning companies with a list of what they may need to see whether the company can provide those services in addition to routine cleaning. A commercial cleaning company may offer a variety of specialty services, including commercial carpeting cleaning, floor care, window cleaning, and power washing services for exteriors, to keep each surface looking professional. Such services may also help prolong the life of carpets and specialty floors.

A commercial cleaning company may also offer custom scheduling for these specialty services, from monthly to quarterly, or less frequent cleaning appointments based on the building’s foot traffic.

Commercial cleaning services for multi-tenant buildings from an independent Vanguard® janitorial franchise business

The Vanguard Cleaning Systems® organization of independent janitorial franchise businesses can support property managers of multi-tenant properties with reliable commercial cleaning services. From flexible scheduling to specialty cleaning services, an independently owned and operated Vanguard® janitorial franchise business can provide the commercial cleaning services needed to maintain the professional appearance of a multi-tenant property and meet the diverse needs of its tenants.

Learn more about commercial cleaning services for multi-tenant properties provided by your local Vanguard® janitorial franchise business here, or request a complimentary consultation.

About the Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Brand
Founded in 1984, the Vanguard Cleaning Systems® organization is built upon over 2,500 independently owned and operated franchised commercial cleaning businesses, which are licensed and supported by an Area Franchise network of more than 50 independent regional offices throughout North America. Vanguard® franchised commercial cleaning businesses service over 15,000 businesses, healthcare companies, educational facilities, and non-profit organizations.

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