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ON SCREEN: [Man walks into office building with Vanguard® logo on door]Thank you for your interest in the Vanguard Cleaning Systems® franchise.
ON SCREEN: [Woman shaking hands with man who is franchise candidate, man and woman sitting at table across from each other talking]We’re going to show you how you can grow your business in the multi-billion-dollar commercial cleaning industry.
ON SCREEN: [Vanguard® logo appears in the middle of the screen with four images around it. Top left is man vacuuming an office, top right is a man talking on the phone with a headset, lower left is a woman on the phone in front of a computer, and lower right is a woman dusting an office.]The Vanguard® franchise organization has been in the franchising industry since 1984.
ON SCREEN: [Zoom in on Earth animation to pulsing dots on North America showing Vanguard® Master Franchise Regional Office locations.]Throughout the organization, there are more than 50 independently owned regional master franchise offices, approximately 3000 janitorial franchise businesses, and over 18,000 corporate customers across the US and Canada.
ON SCREEN: [Vanguard® logo zooming in over Vanguard® logo background]Vanguard Cleaning Systems® is an internationally recognized brand in the franchising industry. The brand has consistently been ranked among the top franchises in North America,
ON SCREEN: [Vanguard® logo disappears, and Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 icon appears]appearing approximately 20 times in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500.
ON SCREEN: [Franchise 500 icon disappears, and two lines of text come up saying: Top Franchise Brand and Affordable Franchise]The Vanguard® janitorial franchise opportunity was also highly ranked by Entrepreneur as a Top Franchise Brand, and Affordable Franchise.
ON SCREEN: [Text disappears, and a logo for Military Times Best Franchise appears]And in 2018, Military Times recognized the Vanguard® janitorial franchise as one of its Top 100 Franchises for Veterans.
ON SCREEN: [3 images with logo in center, left side: woman wearing gloves cleaning conference room chairs, top right, looking down on a person using a floor scrubber with suds around the machine, bottom right: man cleaning windows]The Vanguard® Janitorial Franchise offers a business opportunity for both existing cleaning companies
ON SCREEN: [Image of a woman wearing gloves using cloth to wipe down computer screens covers previous images]and for people who are new to the commercial cleaning industry. For existing cleaning companies,
ON SCREEN: [Image of two men and a woman with the two men shaking hands while the woman is holding a clipboard.]purchasing a Vanguard® janitorial franchise
ON SCREEN: [Wide shot of a man riding a floor machine in a large empty tiled space with lots of windows.]can provide an additional channel for new business. Here’s how it works:
ON SCREEN: [Slide title: Your Commercial Cleaning Business with three images on right: top: looking down on person using floor scrubber with suds around machine, middle: gloved woman wiping down computer screens with a cloth, and bottom: woman vacuuming floor with cleaning cart behind her.]You bring: Your established independently owned and operated commercial cleaning business
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet: Experienced Employees]Employees experienced in cleaning commercial facilities
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet added: Cleaning Best Practices]Cleaning best practices learned by servicing your accounts
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet: Strong Customer Service Focus]And a strong focus on Customer Service
ON SCREEN: [New Slide with Vanguard® logo at top]Vanguard ® Master Franchisees bring
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet: Quality Vanguard® accounts]Quality Vanguard® accounts that can be well-suited to your company.
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet: Invoicing and collection activities for your Vanguard® accounts]Invoicing and collection activities for your Vanguard® accounts by the locally owned and operated Vanguard® Master Franchise office. Offloading these tasks can potentially improve your cash flow.
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet: The Potential for Growth]The potential to grow your company.
ON SCREEN: [Replacing slide are 9 squares filling the screen of various people smiling.]For those new to industry, perhaps you’ve never considered commercial cleaning. Many Vanguard® franchise owners had no prior experience in operating their own business, and were unfamiliar with the industry.
ON SCREEN: [New slide: Vanguard® logo, with Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Business Model graphic.]That’s where the Vanguard Cleaning Systems® business model can help. The Vanguard® janitorial franchise model works like this.
ON SCREEN: [New slide: “Your franchised business markets and delivers” with three photos on the right: top: woman dusting cabinets, middle: man sitting across desk from man and woman, bottom: woman shaking hands with a man.]Your franchised business markets and delivers:
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet: Quality Cleaning Services]Quality Cleaning Services
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet added: Good Customer Service]Good Customer Service
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet added: Strong Communication]Strong Communication
ON SCREEN: [New slide title: Vanguard® Regional Office Support]The Vanguard® regional office, which is a locally owned and operated Vanguard® Master Franchise business, will support your business with:
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet added: Account opportunities]Initial Account opportunities
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet added: Billing and Collection Support for Vanguard® Accounts]Billing and Collection Support for Vanguard® Accounts
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet added: Account Liaison Support]Account Liaison Support
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet added: Business Management Tools]Business Management Tools
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet added: Sales and Development Education]Sales and Development Education
ON SCREEN: [Slide bullet added: Potential for Growth]..and the Potential for Growth
ON SCREEN: [Slide replaced by image of office manager at desk with documents and answering phone]Handling contracts, invoicing, billing and collection can be a headache and distraction.
ON SCREEN: [3 images on screen, top left: close-up of person mopping marble floor, right: telemarketer on phone, bottom left: woman dusting desk in office.]Vanguard® janitorial business franchisees are offered an initial base of account customers and support services that can help a new business enter the marketplace.
ON SCREEN: [Images replaced by video of Man and Woman shaking hands, bringing Franchisee in for meeting. Video shows multiple perspectives of meeting]Additionally, franchise business owners can receive education on sales and account bidding so they can build their business at their own pace. Each janitorial franchise owner can take advantage of opportunities from their Vanguard Cleaning Systems® regional Master Franchise office.
ON SCREEN: [Image of computer screen on desk showing online learning module then transitions to man looking at the screen.]The education programs allow you to become familiar with the service standards associated with the Vanguard® brand, and give you the tools to help your business meet them.
ON SCREEN: [Man leading discussion with material on large monitor with people sitting around table looking at the monitor.]The programs contain expert led sessions, computer based modules and continuing education courses
ON SCREEN: [Close-up of Man leading discussion]to inform owners on the leading edge of cleaning technologies and techniques.
ON SCREEN: [Images of 9 Franchise owners appear, followed by zoom in on Vanguard® logo]Whether opening a new company or growing your existing commercial cleaning company, you can have a flexible schedule, and you can try to grow when and how you want. If you are ambitious and hardworking, and seek the advantages of owning a business, the Vanguard® janitorial franchise program may help you achieve your goals.
ON SCREEN: [Franchise Owner Testimonial #1 Man and woman sitting down talking to camera.]“I don’t have any regrets, although I always say, hey, we should have did this earlier. But you learn, and this is a great opportunity, and it’s amazing, it allows you to do a lot of stuff. Whatever you put into it is what you are going to get out of it.”
ON SCREEN: [Franchise Owner Testimonial #2 Man talking to camera]“This is the best.”
ON SCREEN: [Vanguard® logo with zoom in on Vanguard® logo in background]Thanks for your time. If you would like to learn more about how you can purchase a Vanguard Cleaning Systems® janitorial business franchise...
ON SCREEN: [Typing on keyboard “vanguardcleaning.com”]please visit vanguardcleaning.com, or contact your local independent Vanguard Cleaning Systems® regional office
ON SCREEN: [Text of legal disclaimer information surrounds the Vanguard® Logo:
The opinions and or experiences expressed in this promotional video represent the thoughts of individual Vanguard Cleaning Systems® unit franchisees, and are not opinions necessarily of Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Inc., any of its respective Master Franchisees, or other individual Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Unit Franchisees.

This video was produced by Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Inc for exclusive use by its Master Franchisees and Regional Offices in the advertising of Unit Franchises.

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