High Touch Point and Electrostatic Disinfection Video Transcript

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ON SCREEN: [VCS Logo with man walking down warehouse isle spraying shelves]Thank you for your interest in High Touch Point and Electrostatic Disinfection Services.
ON SCREEN: [pan of office]In the age of COVID-19,
ON SCREEN: [pan of elevator front]businesses are no longer satisfied with just cleaning for appearance.
ON SCREEN: [man cleaning door handle to restroom]They want janitorial services to help protect their facilities
ON SCREEN: [close-up of hands cleaning office phone]from the threat of disease.
ON SCREEN: [man cleaning office desk with a cloth]Enhanced disinfection processes,
ON SCREEN: [Man spraying forklift handle in up and down pattern]such as High Touch Point and Electrostatic disinfection may aid in this regard.
ON SCREEN: [gloved hand wiping copier controls with a cloth]High Touch Points are objects or surfaces that are frequently touched by different people like copy machines,
ON SCREEN: [gloved hand wiping elevator call button with cloth]elevator buttons,
ON SCREEN: [gloved hands wiping down coffee maker and pot with cloth]and coffee pot handles. These can present a
ON SCREEN: [man with gloved hands and spray bottle wiping down sink countertop in restroom with cloth]potential risk for disease transmission, and the list of touchpoints
ON SCREEN: [gloved hand wiping down front of microwave with cloth]can vary from business to business. A representative from your independently owned
ON SCREEN: [gloved hand wiping around light switch with cloth]Vanguard® Area Franchise Office can work with you
ON SCREEN: [gloved hand wiping down refrigerator handle with cloth]to create a plan that reflects your facility’s priorities.
ON SCREEN: [man with face shield and mask walking down stairwell spraying handrail as he goes] Manual methods may not disinfect some hard to reach areas which could also be contaminated
ON SCREEN: [man with goggles and mask spraying handles of a dolly in a warehouse]with pathogens.
ON SCREEN: [man with goggles and mask spraying area above forklift driver area in a downward side to side motion]Electrostatic Sprayers can offer comprehensive disinfection
ON SCREEN: [man wearing goggles and mask walking down warehouse isle spraying shelves as he goes in an up and down fashion]by dispensing a disinfectant quickly over a wide area.
ON SCREEN: [man with face shield and mask using electrostatic sprayer on restroom stall door in a downward side-to-side fashion]The sprayers discharge an aerosol disinfectant
ON SCREEN: [man with goggles and mask using electrostatic sprayer to spray down movable stairs in warehouse]and impart an electrostatic charge, which causes the chemical to electrostatically attract
ON SCREEN: [man with goggles and mask walking around a table while spraying the table in a kindergarten classroom]to nearby objects, wrap around the surface, and provide an even distribution.
ON SCREEN: [two men wearing masks sitting at a conference table with one man holding a clip board and pointing at it while talking, the other man nods]Sales Representatives for your local Vanguard® Area Franchise office have access to information about the disinfectant solution used for both High Touch Point and Electrostatic disinfection,
ON SCREEN: [image of List N print out on screen]which can include products registered with the EPA for use against Coronaviruses. Ask them about the differences between various disinfectants, their relative toxicity, and their impact on the work environment.
ON SCREEN: [image of two brochures, Resuming Business Toolkit and Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for Covid-19 on screen with background video showing man cleaning various areas.]N/A
ON SCREEN: [image of logo on white background with web addresses below: vanguardcleaning.com and vanguardcleaning.ca]Contact your regional Vanguard® Area Franchise office to learn more about High Touch Point and Electrostatic disinfection services.
ON SCREEN: [image of logo above text. Text states: This video was produced by Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Inc. for exclusive use by its Area Franchisors and Vanguard Cleaning Systems Unit Franchisees in marketing the Unit Franchisees’ commercial cleaning services. Each Vanguard Cleaning Systems business is an independently owned and operated franchise. Copyright 2022 Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ® and TM trademarks owned by Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Inc.]N/A