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Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Portland

An independently owned Vanguard® Area Franchise business

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Portland janitorial franchise businesses provide quality janitorial services to clean and disinfect a variety of business environments in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding communities including companies in Vancouver, Washington.

Aside from standard janitorial services, your Vanguard® janitorial franchise may offer high touch point disinfecting, an electrostatic disinfection process, or supplemental commercial cleaning to keep germs at bay, and your work place looking its best.

Working together, you and a local Vanguard® janitorial franchise business owner will customize an office cleaning and disinfecting schedule that meets the needs of your facility type, and usage.

Cleaning for health begins with an assessment of your facility. Schedule your free janitorial consultation, today.

Areas Served

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Portland is a locally owned and operated Area Franchise in Portland, Oregon, with independent janitorial franchise businesses that provide commercial cleaning services and preventive disinfection processes to companies in the following Portland, OR and north bank of the Columbia River, Washington areas:



Why Choose
Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Portland?

Tailored Janitorial Services

Janitorial services may be customized to fit the uniqueness of your business environment. Together with your janitorial services provider and a local Vanguard® representative, a free janitorial assessment will uncover your needs to scope out the proper cleaning and disinfecting services to efficiently and effectively get the job done.

Locally Owned and Operated

As a locally owned and operated independent Area Franchise business, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Portland has been a trusted resource for commercial cleaning services to companies located throughout Portland, and strive to be a part of the community. As a result, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Portland and the local independent janitorial franchise businesses are committed to building lasting relationships.

Advanced Cleaning and Disinfecting

Advances in commercial cleaning equipment have significantly boosted the ability to more efficiently clean and disinfect a facility, while also reducing the amount of harmful material left in the office environment. Vanguard® janitorial franchise businesses may use such advanced tools like electrostatic sprayers, high filtration vacuums, and microfiber cloths to keep your office looking great.

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