What is Microfiber?

An ultra fine fiber split 16 times for superior cleaning.

Why Do I Need To Use Microfiber?

  • Removes bacteria without chemicals
  • Highly effective product for cleaning
  • It’s ideal for your staff and customers

What Are the Results?

A 2007 American Journal of Infection Control article entitled, “Microbiologic Evaluation of Microfiber Mops for Surface Disinfection” found:

  • The microfiber system demonstrates superior microbial removal compared with cotton string mops when used with a detergent cleaner (95% vs 68%, respectively).

The Environmental Best Practices for Health Care Facilities in Fall 2002 found:

  • Microfiber materials were able to penetrate surface pores and remove 99% of dust particles that conventional mops missed and used 95% less water.
  • Traditional cleaning methods that used cotton fiber saw only a 30% reduction of dust under similar conditions.

Why Is Microfiber Better?

Cotton Fiber

  • Surface remains dirty and wet
  • Only pushes dirt and moisture


Cotton Fiber









  • Surface is clean, dry, and polished
  • Lifts and traps dirt and moisture


Micro Fiber