Green Cleaning

Advantages of Green Cleaning

The Vanguard Cleaning System franchise organization not only believes in protecting the environment, but also in being a leader in the use of Green Cleaning Systems. New technologies in the cleaning industry are being developed everyday and microfiber represents an industry shift in cleaning tools and products.

The Vanguard Cleaning System organization of independent businesses is committed to being a leader in the use of new technology to ensure customers receive the best available service.

Advantages of Microfiber

  • Reduces cross contamination
  • Removes more bacteria
  • Reduces chemical consumption
  • Lessens environmental impact

Why is Vanguard Interested in Green Cleaning?

  • The goal is to contribute to an attractive, clean, and healthy workplace environment.
  • By using microfiber products, each Vanguard Cleaning System® business is assisting its customers in providing an atmosphere that will attract and retain occupants.
  • Microfiber is an important component to green cleaning. Among other benefits,  microfiber reduces chemical use, water use and has less waste disposal.
  • Microfiber products are much more durable than conventional products which means less solidwaste is created—a microfiber system can be used, washed and reused multiple times.


Vanguard is a Member of U.S. Green Building CouncilVanguard is a proud user of Green Seal Certified Products