Celebrate Our Armed Forces With Opportunity

May 21st, 2016 is Armed Forces Day. It is a time to celebrate, thank and honor all Americans who have served in one of the five branches of the military; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine or Coast Guard. Many cities acknowledge this day through hosting parades and community outreach programs. And while the recognition is appreciated by military service personnel, they seek more than a pat on the back.Veteran Benefits_Armed Forces Day 2016

In a BBC story entitled “What Makes a Hero,” Congressman and Iraqi War Veteran, Seth Moulton, is quoted saying “We don’t need parades and celebrations; we need people to give us an opportunity when we come home.”

The military is a place where men and women can hone skills that bolster leadership, drive, persistence and perseverance. Many of these traits can be applied after service to become an entrepreneur or small business owner. A Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Janitorial Franchise may provide an appealing opportunity. Here are some of the advantages to owning and operating a franchised Vanguard Cleaning Systems Commercial Cleaning business:

  • Discount – 10% Veteran discount on initial franchise fee for your selected plan
  • Business Systems Program – Instructor-led, field and computer based
  • Support – Communications, marketing and sales assistance, and advanced instruction opportunities from the local Vanguard Cleaning Systems Master Franchise region

“The leadership and discipline I learned from the Marines combined with the expertise and service I receive from my Vanguard® regional office makes us a dream team.”

—Shayne, 2012 Vanguard Franchisee of the Year and former Marine

Here is an opportunity to prepare for life after the military. If you have served in the Armed Forces and seek to be a franchised business owner learn more about the Vanguard Cleaning Systems Veteran Program, or contact your nearest independent Master Franchise regional office.