Advanced Cleaning

Do you want to build your business but do not know the next steps?

For Vanguard® Franchise Owners who provide services to larger buildings, it makes sense to utilize Advanced Cleaning also known as team cleaning. This is an efficient method to clean a larger building with two or more people. Many Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Franchise Owners have benefitted enormously by learning this system and applying it at their accounts.

The concept utilizes janitorial specialists who each handle a specific set of cleaning activities. This system enables cleaning service providers to complete their services in the building faster while improving quality at the same time. Less equipment is generally used, management is typically easier, and faster cleaning times are usually achieved rather than by Zone Cleaning. Specialists typically work faster than generalists. By having crew members focus on a smaller set of activities, they generally become better and faster at those activities.

It takes careful planning to devise a good plan for each building. Typically a plan will have to be tinkered with and adjusted until you arrive at a method to accomplish your activities. But the reward for putting in the time and effort to convert a large building over to Advanced Cleaning and develop a good allocation plan can be lower labor costs, higher profits, a cleaner building and a happier customer.

To learn more about Advanced Cleaning, please review Advanced Cleaning and Zone Cleaning or Advanced Cleaning and the Division of Roles. Contact your Regional Office to discuss how they can help your business today!