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Vanguard Cleaning Systems Customers' Reviews:


"I am so thankful to have such a wonderful and honest person as Mike cleaning our facility. I lost my very expensive diamond earring and the very next morning it was sitting there waiting for me on my desk. I could not be happier with Vanguard Cleaning Systems." - Orlando, Florida 



Year after year, Vanguard cleaning Systems acute attention to detail and quality service has never disappointed us. We highly recommend Vanguard! – Tampa, Florida


David and his team’s dedication and professional expertise have been invaluable asset to our business. They are the best cleaning crew you could possibly ask for. – Tampa, Florida




"Vanguard has been great to work with. The operations manager is awesome. The franchisee is a joy to work with. Fantastic!” Norfolk, Virginia


"I would highly recommend this company for your corporate cleaning services. They are always very concerned about how well they are doing their jobs." Miami, Florida


"The cleaning services are completed thoroughly and on time, every time. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient cleaning service for your business, you can't do better than Vanguard Cleaning Systems." Dallas, Texas


"I have enjoyed my experience with Vanguard. The customer service team was diligent in their follow up. They did a great job of resolving minor issues and have been very responsive to our ever-changing needs." Seattle, Washington


“We appreciate our Vanguard crew. They are especially cooperative and professional about resolving any issues in a very fast manner. Thank you.” Hampton, Virginia


“I feel just wonderful knowing that our facility is being cleaned by a professional that cares about her work. I now kick myself for waiting so long to switch to Vanguard." Spokane, Washington


"Lots of companies claim to provide excellent customer service, but Vanguard truly does! They have been a pleasure to work with!" Calgary, Alberta


"Vanguard has been cleaning our office for over ten years. Rob and his staff have provided us with excellent service. They do all of our carpets, floors and windows in addition to the nightly service. We look forward to the next ten years+ with them." Los Angeles, California


"They always keep in touch, making sure that we are satisfied with their service. Their crew is reliable and trustworthy. Minor issues are quickly addressed and corrected." Miami, Florida


"Definitely recommend this company. They have been the best cleaning service at the lowest cost our company has ever used. Our staff and residents have nothing but compliments. If there is ever an issue they are very quick to solve it." Minneapolis, Minnesota


"After years of trying different companies and failing to find someone who would clean to our standards, we can finally relax and know the job will be done the way we expect." Louisville, Kentucky


"First class cleaning, very professional people and excellent communication skills." Providence, Rhode Island


"Solid attention to detail, quick and courteous response when we need an extra service, need supplies, or perhaps an item overlooked, and regular inspections by the Vanguard account manager to make sure things are being done to our satisfaction." San Antonio, Texas


"Everything is perfect! Hampton, Virginia


"They set the bar for customer service by making routine visits to ensure your satisfaction with their services." Miami, Florida


"We have a large facility and there has been a difficult learning curve but they have handled it extremely well. Any problems I have had have been corrected the next day with just a phone call or email from me." Minneapolis, Minnesota


"I would recommend Vanguard Cleaning Systems to anyone who asked." Minneapolis, Minnesota


"The people at Vanguard have all been very professional and friendly to deal with. I appreciate all the hard work they do." Minneapolis, Minnesota


"The cleaning is superb and the customer service is unmatched." Louisville, Kentucky


"They do a great job in cleaning our high-maintenance wooden floors and make our medical office look pristine every day" Miami, Florida


"I would proudly recommend Vanguard Cleaning to everyone. You can't go wrong with Vanguard." Calgary, Alberta


"Vanguard was able to recognize our needs and came back with service and pricing superior to other companies'." Calgary, Alberta


“Everything is going GREAT with Darren. I love that he jots little FYI's in the log book if something needs attention or if he is running out of cleaner. Thank you so much for keeping in touch.” Spokane, Washington


"Vanguard Cleaning Systems has provided our company with superb and professional service. It is the reason we have used them for 8 years and will continue our business with them." Los Angeles, California


"They are a professional group and we have been very happy with their performance the past 3 years! Thank you!" Spokane, Washington


"Vanguard Cleaning Systems has been doing a great job for our company. We have noticed a huge difference comp team is very professional - We are very happy that we selected them." Los Angeles, California


"Vanguard Cleaning Systems continues to treat us like a new customer even after 3 years of service. Their log system also allows our company to communicate directly with the team doing the cleaning ... allowing us to provide continual feedback on the quality of the cleaning services we are receiving. Great system! Thanks!" Calgary, Alberta


“Charles is a great guy and we are lucky to have him.” Chesapeake, Virginia


"The quality of work and the professionalism of the staff is phenomenal." Minneapolis, Minnesota


"Vanguard Cleaning Systems does a great job for us. They tailored a package to the budget we could afford while also insuring that we got all requirements covered." Miami, Florida


"The proactive nature of checking their work and validating our satisfaction is very refreshing. I highly recommend them." Miami, Florida


"Vanguard Cleaning Systems is highly trustworthy as a cleaning company." Miami, Florida


“Our team leader, Katina is professional and a great communicator. She addresses my concerns quickly and is why I am happy.” Williamsburg, Virginia


"Vanguard Cleaning Systems continues to do a great job cleaning our offices. Special requests are handled quickly and professionally. We are very pleased with the work they do for us." Los Angeles, California