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General FAQs

Q: What is the difference between a Master Franchise and a Janitorial Franchise?

A: The Master Franchise opportunity is directed at experienced executives and entrepreneurs capable of starting and managing a regional office. The Master Franchisee is responsible for new commercial account sales on behalf of their janitorial franchisees, recruitment of Janitorial Franchisees, and customer relations support for the territory.

The Janitorial Franchisee is an owner/operator who provides cleaning services for their commercial accounts; the regional office provides support for the Janitorial Franchisee by providing initial customers, billing/invoicing services, customer relations support, and certification programs.

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Janitorial Franchises FAQs

Q: How much does a Vanguard Janitorial Franchise cost and what is the minimum cash downpayment required?

A: Each regional office is operated by an independent business that sets the pricing structure for the Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchises that the office offers, so franchise fees vary throughout the country.  The following pricing plan is only illustrative of some regional pricing.  Please contact the Vanguard Cleaning Systems office in your area for accurate franchise fee details.

Plan A $8,000 ($2,500 cash down) *
Plan B $9,200 ($3,700 cash down) *
Plan C $10,200 ($4,700 cash down) *
Plan D $13,200 ($7,700 cash down) *
Plan E $19,200 ($13,700 cash down) *

* Prices may vary by region

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Q: Is financing available?

A: Yes, your regional office will provide financing for the difference between the franchise purchase price and the cash down payment.

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Q: If I want to buy a Vanguard Cleaning Systems Janitorial Franchise, do I need to quit my daytime activities?

A: No, one of the key advantages of our program is flexibility. Since the accounts are cleaned in the evenings, you can maintain your daytime activities and manage your Vanguard® business at night. After you have had some experience, you may wish to significantly grow your business and focus exclusively on it.

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Q: Can I grow my janitorial business?

A: Yes, Franchisees in good standing are eligible to grow their business by obtaining additional accounts from your regional office for an additional fee. Your regional office also offers bidding and estimating seminars designed to help you utilize the Vanguard sales material to solicit new accounts through your own efforts.

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Master Franchises FAQs

Q: What is the cost of a Vanguard Cleaning Systems Master Franchise?

A: The Master Franchise initial franchise fee is typically $100,000 - $350,000.

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What are the advantages of a Master Franchise?

A: The Master Franchise opportunity offers executives the opportunity to build a regional business generating recurring revenues from multiple sources, including the monthly royalties and business support fees, franchise sales revenues, additional volume sales, and paper/toiletry supply orders. You provide initial and ongoing certification programs; proprietary software for marketing, invoicing and account management; and marketing materials. Additionally, we operate in a relatively recession resistant industry.

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