2014 Franchisee of the Year Honorable Mention – Vanguard Cleaning Systems of British Columbia

Each year Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise Head Quarters awards one franchisee whose efforts go above and beyond. Although only one entity can receive the award, Vanguard Franchise Headquarters would like to recognize all outstanding performers. One of 2014 Franchisee of the Year Honorable Mentions goes to Jes Building Services from Vanguard Cleaning Systems of British Columbia, Vancouver:

“Jes Building Services is comprised of three partners and is a strong team that has done a great job of representing the Vanguard Brand and keeping their customers very satisfied. Often, when the Vanguard Vancouver office has a last minute urgent requests for special services, we know we can rely on the JES team to do a great job. They in return have become responsible for some of the more challenging and technical situations in our system and have done a noteworthy job. Their focus on business management and customer service has enabled them to successfully grow their business to twelve customers with over $20,000 in monthly revenue.

Possessing excellent communication skills, Jes Building Services mentors new franchise owners by facilitating hands-on information sessions. Their innovative business practice has been extremely well received by their customers and has contributed to the growth in additional special services. They clearly understand the value of investing in the right equipment, people and tools to optimally run their business.

The Vancouver Vanguard team is proud to have JES Building Services recognized for the 2014 Franchisee honorable mention award!”

– John Seliga, Master Franchise Owner, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of British Columbia, Vancouver